August 27, 2010

Spread Magic Around

Well I never blog and have come to the decision that I probably never will but this subject deserves a post.

Good friends of mine Whit and Lindsey (Mathie) Coleman are THE most incredible parents who have handled the challenges they've been given with so much courage. Their adorable son Jonas and their brand new baby girl Maggie both have SMA Type I. This disease has incredible challenges that come with it and unfortunately a short lifespan. Whit & Lins have been grateful through all of it for the time they have had to spend with Jonas so far (who is almost 3!!) A carnival is being put on October 9th to help raise funds to help their sweet family. The location and time are still being worked out. I will post as soon as I know the info! Anybody and everybody that can come please do!! It promises to be super fun. Even if you can't make it that day feel free to donate whatever you can at a link on their blog which is
Their blog also has a very touching video explaining more about their situation. I have no idea how to link that to mine but go check it out.
Sorry this post is so messy. I am computer illiterate and remember....I never blog :)

September 7, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Although Tenley and Jaxon are basically thirteen months old now...they did have a birthday and would like to share it with you. Here are a few fun pics from their Monkey Beach Bash held at Grandma and Grandpa Buma's house. We started out with dinner for everyone...
Naturally cake as well...
Games! How can you not have a pinata?
And they were spoiled with presents. These kids are so loved.
They loved their cake and were so willing to get messy. We just wanted to thank everyone who came and made it so much fun. We are very lucky to have such great family and friends.

August 15, 2008

A new post. . . believe it or not

Okay, so everyone just needs to disregard the previous post about me not disappearing because I clearly have. All I am going to promise is that eventually I will post. My kids maybe two years older than when you last saw them but eventually I will put something up. With that said, I could not have a blog without pictures of Lake Powell. This is my family's other home and I have been going since I was six weeks old so naturally my kids had to introduced to the lake. Here are a few cute pics of the trip with my family.

Here we are the day we arrived. They were so thrilled to get out of the car they didn't care it was blazing hot on the ramp. Aren't those rash guards just adorable.

Here is lunch. I had to post this pic because check out Tenley's hair. The whole week she looked punk rock cause of the sunscreen we slathered on her.

Swimming in the pool. This was a great way to get in the water and cool off without having to put on the sunscreen. I hated going through that with two kids. But I will say Tens and Jax did fabulous in the lake. They rarely cried and even let me let go of them!

Handsome Jaxon. He usually has something pink with him cause he probably had just stolen it from Tenley. Nothing is cool unless the other has it. Typical.

Driving the houseboat. Honestly they are naturals.

I was so proud of Tenley and Jaxon down at Powell. It is such a harder trip with kids but very worth it. This summer has been so packed with trips that I will post again soon (hopefully) with other pictures of another Powell trip, Zions trip, and their birthday party!! So be prepared for more to come.

April 10, 2008

No I didn't disappear

Surprise! Surprise! I haven't disappeared....I just don't love to blog. Life is starting to really get exciting these days. I have always loved my kids but now that they seem to be a little more self-sufficient I love them even MORE!! Let's face it. Newborns are hard. You picture it being easy and really sweet but most of the time it is HARRRD. Then you add two at a time and life becomes a little insane. Now that they entertain each other, entertain themselves, and the warmer weather is coming I am beginning to feel human again. I will post again soon some quite smashing pics of my babes and tell you all about them but for now I have to go because the dynamic duo just woke up!

February 5, 2008

I've been tagged

It looks like Ashley tagged me. I'm sure she did it as a way to make me keep blogging. I really am trying to find time to blog but the twins don't always sleep at the same time. Anyways, I have to tell six things about myself that supposedly nobody knows. Well I'm sure everyone knows these 'cause I'm not all that secretive but here are some:

1. I hate scary movies, and stories for that matter. I always tend to replay them in my mind and then can't stop thinking about it. Plus I don't really need the excuse of a scary movie to cuddle with my hubby!

2. I absolutely love to deep clean. And vacuuming is by far my favorite. One of the best sounds in the world is running the vacuum over some dirty carpet and hearing all the little pieces being sucked up. Isn't that satisfying! Most people would think this is false since my room during high school was nicknamed hurricane buma (for always being a mess). This leads me to the bad part. Since I love to deep clean that also means I hate to surface clean. For me to pick up my clothes and hang them in the closet means I also have to vacuum the floor in the closet, wipe off the baseboards, etc. I am seriously weird.

3. I am obsessed with cooking shows. While I was pregnant I constantly watched the food network. My favorite shows are Everyday Italian and Barefoot Contessa. Again this is funny since I cannot cook. Maybe I will go take some cooking classes.

4. I could spend thousands of dollars in an office supply store. Organizing is way fun if you have all the gadgets to make it happen. For example, a few of my favorite things are clear storage bins, file folders, closet organizers, etc.

5. I hate being alone. Every once in awhile it is nice to have a break but I would much rather go get a pedicure with a friend. Run errands with my mom. That is one reason I am so jealous of my kids. As a twin you will always have a friend (hopefully they will like each other in high school). I would way want to have been a twin! One reason I am part of the triplets.

6. Mint. I love almost everything mint. Mint lotion, mint shampoo, mint chocolate, mint ice cream. Who couldn't love this stuff. It is all so refreshing.

January 26, 2008

to catch everyone up

Alright, so as most of you know, I am not a blogger. First, I barely have time to shower every day, second I don't get it. Seriously, I had no idea I was this computer illiterate till all this blogging started. So with the help of Ashley Owens I have started my blog. Who knows how often this will get updated but I will certainly try. To quickly catch everyone up we had twins, as you can tell. They are almost six months old and doing very well. It came as quite a shock to Bubs and I but we were so thrilled and excited and beside ourselves that we were lucky enough to get a boy and girl. They were born on August 9, three weeks early. Both were as healthy as could be and even came home with us. Tenley was born first at 12:51 pm and weighed 5 lbs 1 oz. She was as tiny as could be and so absolutely perfect. Every parent will say that about their kids but the feeling is so incredible when it finally gets to happen to you. Tenley is such a girl and a bit of a diva. Her giggle is hilarious and she loves faces. She will play with your face for hours and is such a daddy's girl. Jaxon was born second at 12:52 pm, that's the beauty of a c-section (one minute apart), and weighed 6 lbs 4 oz. He is certainly a boy, a little chubby and so happy. He has such a huge smile and is constantly smiling you think his mouth would get tired. He is definitely a mamma's boy a.k.a. great nurser. They are both rolling over tons and would love to crawl if they could. Tenley is going through a phase of loud shrieks. Wierd but hilarious.